Classic Aluminum

Moka or Italian coffee maker, the comfortable, fast and easy way to prepare the best espresso coffee.


Advantages of Italian coffee makers:
These great coffee machines create coffee similar to espresso machines in record time.
Also due to the simplicity and robustness of this coffee machine, it presents very few problems.

Classic Italian aluminum coffee makers, available in 2 versions, with Metallic or Satin Black exterior finish.
Anti-Caloric fiber handle, and silicone gasket.


BASIC coffee maker:
1 cup  |  3 cups  |  6 cups  |  9 cups  |  12 cups 

BASIC NERO coffee maker:
1 cup  |  3 cups  |  6 cups  |  9 cups  |  12 cups 


✅  Suitable for Gas, Electric and Vitroceramic,
✅  Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.