Matt finish.

Frying pans with very delicate sanding body in matt finish. Style in the kitchen.

Ultra-fast heating stainless steel pans, with heat resistant Bakelite handle. Sanded exterior finish with a matte effect.

Special Plancha Effect surface, ideal for meat and fish.

Three-layer sandwich thermodiffuser base (Steel + Aluminum + Steel), of maximum and homogeneous use of the calorific power. Efficiency and energy saving.

Non-stick coating:
XYLAN PLUS® by Whitford, Multi-layer stone effect non-stick. Totally free of PFOA.


Frying pans:
20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm.  |  28cm.


✅ Suitable for all types of hobs, especially suitable for Induction.
✅ Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Made entirely in Spain