Ideal for beginners.

A basic line, made entirely of 18/10 Stainless Steel, dishwasher and oven safe…

Can you offer more for less?

Pots made entirely of 18/10 Stainless Steel,

Stainless Steel handles, which make them suitable for use in the Oven.

Special profile design for easy pouring.

Triple layer sandwich heat diffuser (steel + aluminum + steel) Full-Induction, 100% Induction, a technology created to achieve maximum heat dispersion, maximum efficiency and, of course, maximum energy savings.

✴ Also available in version with glass lid with steel edge and evaporator.


Round dish with lids:
20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm. 

Casseroles with lids:
14cm.  |  16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm.

Size pots with lids:
16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm.

Stock pots with lid:
18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm.

12cm.  |  14cm.  |  16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.

Cylindrical pots:
12cm.  |  14cm.  |  16cm.

Cookware sets:


✅ Suitable for all types of kitchens, especially suitable for Induction.
✅ Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
✅ Suitable for Oven.

Made entirely in Spain



Before use for the first time, pass through the interior of the piece cloth or sponge with vinegar, then wash in hoy soapy water, rinse it in clean water and dry it with a cloth.

Neves use bleach.

Never place empty piece on the heat.
If you cook with gas, ensure the flame does not protrude around the edges.
Wash the piece after each use.
Always dry the parts.


To achieve máximum termal efficiency, ensure the ring size is not larger tan the diameter of the piece base.

When salt is thrown into the water, it builds up in the bottom of the pot to boiling, can cause pitting corrosion, please wait for the water to boil add salt in order to facilitate dissolving and avoid the accumulation of salt in a localized area.

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