A classic in your kitchen

The pieces have a bellied bodies shape, particularly suitable to serve.

Pieces made entirely of 18/10 Stainless Steel, with domed bodies, especially suitable for serving.

Tubular Stainless Steel handles, suitable for the Oven.

Special profile design for easy pouring.

Full-Induction, 100% Induction, triple layer sandwich heat-diffusing base (steel + aluminum + steel), a technology created to achieve maximum heat dispersion, maximum efficiency and, of course, maximum energy savings.

✴ Also available in version with glass lid with steel edge and evaporator.


Round dish with lid:
20cm.  |  24cm.  |  28cm.  |  32cm.

Casserole with lid:
16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  28cm.  |  32cm.

Size pot with lid:
16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  28cm.  |  32cm.

12cm.  |  14cm.  |  16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.

Cylindrical pots:
14cm.  |  16cm.

Cookware sets:


✅ Suitable for all types of kitchens, especially suitable for Induction.
✅ Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
✅ Suitable for Oven.

Made entirely in Spain

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