Five security systems

Ultra-fast pressure cooker with optimized High performance heat diffuser bottom, and with 5 safety systems

SuperQuick pressure cooker reduces cooking time by up to 70%, saving time and energy, and preserving all food nutrients.

We select the best materials: pot made entirely of 18/10 Stainless Steel, with bakelite bayonet-type handle, silicone sealing gasket, and anodized aluminum pressure indicator.

FIVE Security System:
● Hermetic opening and closing pushbutton;
● Pressure sensor;
● Main valve, maintains the pressure in the pot at all times;
● Security valve, it begins to function if excessive pressure builds up; and
● Seal + Side window, a definitive Safety element.

Two working speeds:
● Quick cooking (60kPa) in the first ring, especially suitable for more delicate foods such as rice, fish …
● Ultraquick cooking (100kPa) in the second ring, recommended for legumes, meats …

High Performance heat diffuser bottom, with a larger diameter that optimizes the use of our pot with greater efficiency.


4L.  |  6L.  |  8L.

DUPLEX sets available (set of 2 pot bodies of different capacity + one cover valid for both bodies):
duo 4+6L. 


✅ Suitable for all types of hobs, especially suitable for Induction.
✅ Suitable for cleaning the body in a dishwasher.