A perfect design

Bodies combined polishing/matte finish. Tubular steel handles, suitable for oven, and glass lids to see you’re cooking, has it all!

Pieces made entirely of 18/10 Stainless Steel, with a combined polished / matte finish exterior.

Tubular Stainless Steel handles, suitable for the Oven.

Special profile design for easy pouring.

Glass lids, resistant to high temperatures, with a stainless steel rim and fitted with a vaporiser, which prevents fogging and allows the controlled release of excess steam. The lid allows you to observe the food and control the cooking without uncovering the container, avoiding energy losses. We save!

Full-Induction, 100% Induction, triple layer sandwich heat-diffusing base (steel + aluminum + steel), a technology created to achieve maximum heat dispersion, maximum efficiency and, of course, maximum energy savings.


Round dish with lid:
20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm. 

Casserole with lid:
16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm.

Size pot with lid:
16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm.

Stock pot with lid:
18cm.  |  20cm.  |  22cm.  |  24cm.  |  26cm. |  28cm.  |  32cm.

12cm.  |  14cm.  |  16cm.  |  18cm.  |  20cm.

Cylindrical pots:
12cm.  |  14cm.  |  16cm.

Cookware sets:


✅ Suitable for all types of kitchens, especially suitable for Induction.
✅ Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
✅ Suitable for Oven.

Made entirely in Spain

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